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August 24, 2020
Keep Going After Hardship, Recovery, and Pain
September 4, 2020

My Healing & Recovery Routine to Become a Better Athlete


The way you start your morning is the way to build your reality.

In my recent interview with Regan Archibald of East West Health, he asked me what my morning routine is.

My morning routine has become more important than ever, because I'm on a 12-month healing journey to rebuild the cartilage and tendons in my knees, which have been the source of chronic pain in every adventure I do.

Finally I realized how much I've compensated my body over the years doing what I love on the trails, and if I want to become a better athlete, I need to give my body the time to rest and recover.

Watch this interview segment where I share the key parts of my morning routine to build a stronger mindset that wired for healing and results.


This morning routine is something I always commit to, because it helps me make sure I'm hiking when I'm 60, 80, 100, 120.

I believe that we can get healthier as we age. I believe that everything society tells us about age has only led to limited beliefs and decline, so why listen to it?

Just create your own story.


My mindset first starts with turning on music that stimulate stem cells at the right wavelength. I believe in the power of sound to heal. It's the reason why some songs make us feel alive and others make us want to crawl into a hole, because sounds trigger emotions.

Positive sounds trigger positive healing.

I use sound to help build the foundation for how I communicate to my body.

During my morning routine, I talk to my knees. I actually talk to them, outloud, and say, "I'm so grateful for you. I'm so grateful for the journey that we’re on. I'm so grateful for our healing."

I start my morning routine with so much gratitude of the journey and focus on the end outcome of what I want to achieve.

Mindset Routine Part 2: DECLARE THE OUTCOME

I visualize what I want my knees to look like.

Now I'm fortunate with having a really strong anatomy background and having practiced for several years that I can picture meniscus, ligaments, tendons, and muscles changing, but you don't have to have that level of knowledge to build change in your mind.

If you can visualize what change looks like, what's the change you want to create, then you are building the reality in your mind.

For me, it's what do healthy knees look like I visualize space between my knees. I visualized smooth cartilage. I visualized tendons that are so healthy. I visualize these joints being surrounded by such strong muscles, and Regan,

I just go there and I talk it out.

I verbalize it. I verbalize it with so much emotion.

Tony Robbins talks about incantations, which I'm a huge proponent of.

I use the idea of incantations because it's about combining physicality with your affirmations, so you build energy in your body and your emotions to make the affirmations that much more powerful.

So part of my incantation is, “Thank you for my healing. My knees are gorgeous. My cartilage is healthy. My cartilage is strong.”

And you put that out into the universe to declare what you want.

So you build a strong morning routine by first creating gratitude around what I want the outcome to be.

Then visualization the healing or change you want to achieve. To create change, you need to be grateful for the outcome you want to achieve. Click To Tweet


I picture stem cells proliferating. I pictured the all of my treatments breaking down the inflammation. I can picture what areas need to rebuild.

I talk to stem cells in my body. I talk to them and say, “Go here. Go here. Thank you for my nutrition. Thank you for my commitment.”

I think about the outcomes in my knees. All the habits that I'm doing to help support my knees.

Mindset Routine Part 3: VISUALIZE THE OUTCOME

The third part of my routine is I picture what I want to do.

Actually, let me amend that. I picture what I'm doing with the healthy vibrant body.

I picture myself going into goblet squats. I picture myself trail running. I picture myself doing deep knee bends, lifting with a barbell ,being on a long hike and just busting out into a run, and I picture it feeling great.

I find that is really important because part of a powerful routine is to first focus on the present moment of the very journey that you're on. Acknowledge your commitment.

Acknowledge all of the micro steps you're doing. Acknowledge your team.

I give so much love to the team.

When I'm doing this acknowledge every single person that's a part of this process, and every single cell that is a part of this process and then think about the future

Picture that in your mind as if you're already doing it.

Train your physiology. Train your neurology. Train your body that you're already doing these things so that all of the beautiful commitments, know exactly what to do because you're telling your brain, "This is what's ahead. We're going to make sure you're ready.

All together, my routine is a solid half hour to my morning. It puts me in such a state of certainty, and in a position where not only can I convey that certainty to myself, but I can convey that to my team, my family, and my friends, so I can build a team of advocates to enroll in that vision and support me with it.

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Dr. Jen

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