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August 28, 2020
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September 7, 2020

Keep Going After Hardship, Recovery, and Pain


Stop Tolerating So You Can Keep Moving Forward

When I was on the Go Wellness Podcast with Regan Archibald, he asked me, "What have you noticed in your work and research what allows people to make that shift where they decide to not give up and just keep going?

Watch this learn how to make that shift and take back control of your fate.


It's easy to tolerate the pain from past hardships. It can become the new normal slowly over time.

If you get too used to tolerating a certain level of pain, discomfort, mediocrity, you're either going to hit this point where you accept this path...

I'm going to just stay this way and decline.

Which is what society tells you. You're told to believe that as you age, you will decline.

You're told that once you hit 40, 50, 60 (name whatever age you want) that, "You're over the hill. You better start to hold back.”

The difference between accepting that path or choosing a different one will come down to your own conviction.

Because you are bombarded with thinking this way.

If you are dealing with a challenge, you have to advocate for your change, because no one will do it for you.

It's the people that are making consistent effort to improve to keep pursuing and keep persisting until they get it right.

You keep going by advocating for what you want, not what you're told to expect.

You're told to be a passive bystander. You've given expectations and limits. You're told to deal with fear, because it's a part of life.

All those things can be the culprit to stopping you in your tracks.

You have to be proactive in creating your results, because when you do this, you'll demand more of yourself. You have to be proactive in creating your results, because when you do this, you'll demand more of yourself. Click To Tweet


The people who have something bigger in the end that motivates them, they will do whatever it takes to make it happen.

That's how you keep going.

Focus on the bigger goal, and you will be the most dedicated, committed version of yourself because they show up.

Because there is something that they have their eyes set on.

What's a goal that you want to set your eyes on that you’ve forgotten about?

Or if you do that that goal, “How can you be defiantly committed to make sure that happens?”

I personally wouldn't be going through the healing journey that I am if I didn't have big goals like Annapurna Circuit, Mont Blanc Circuit and Seven Summits in my sight.

Advocate for yourself. Hold those big dreams close. Stay committed to the path.


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Dr. Jen

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