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April 14, 2020
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July 10, 2020

Earth Day and Healing Humanity

April 22, 2020


It's an Earth Day unlike one we have seen in centuries. The roads and skies are quiet. Fossil fuel consumption is down.

Meanwhile, major cities have clear skies now that the smog is gone. Waterways are clear and now can support marine life. Wild animals can roam free and enjoy land untouched by our footprints.

There is a duality happening. Humanity is dealing with a health crisis, but our home planet hasn't been this healthy for a long time.

Mother Earth is resting and recovering, as are we, and we have learned many great lessons.

We don't have to consume as much.

We need less than we think.

We know now the simple joys that can sustain us.

While humanity is dealing with our own crisis, there is also opportunity to see how we can help Earth continue to heal once we can return to normal.

Let's celebrate Earth not only today, but moving forward, so we can heal ourselves and the planet we call home. 🌏 Photo courtesy of digital artist Jean-Michel Bihorel and his creative genius.


I believe that all things truly do happen because there is a bigger plan in place. I think what is happening with COVID-19 is no different. The opportunity for each of us to reset as individuals and as humanity is huge.

Whatever action you take today, know that it is making a difference in the world.

Sending massive love, Dr. Jen

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