August 30, 2021

3 Reasons Why Athletes Deal with Imposter Syndrome

September 7, 2020

Are You Living or Just Existing?

September 4, 2020

Keep Going After Hardship, Recovery, and Pain

Jen - Looking out at Wineglass Bay

The Truth About Traveling: How Exploring the World Helps You Discover Yourself

At the heart of every travel adventure, lies a deeper desire to cultivate change in our lives. We crave new destinations because we ultimately crave something new within ourselves.

Maybe life has become monotonous. Or we’re finding our free spirits. Or there is an itch inside of us that we can’t quite explain.

It’s why travel is on so many people’s bucket lists. We dream of stretching our lives beyond the daily routines and paths we are on.

We are creatures of novelty after all. Our spirits need it. We are happier when...

John and Teddy and Us

The Emotional Rollercoaster of Life: How to Cope with Grief and Preserve Hope

I find myself in this odd polarity, facing the emotions of grief and excitement all in one, not sure where to put my focus or intention but rather just letting them play out.

I’ll start with the grief…I am grieving many losses all at once. I have a friend who is dying of a disease I have seen take far too many people that I care to experience in a lifetime. Cancer first took my Dad, then my dog, now it’s about to take one of my dearest friends.

It makes me angry and it makes me weep. I hate how something so destructive can take away the light of beings that exude so much joy, far too fast and far too soon...


Choosing Courage When Excuses Get in Your Way

Courage is easy when you're prepped, in the zone, ready for action.

But it's a struggle when you feel doubt, fatigue, sick, or just down and out.

Learn from my struggles the week prior to doing my first mountain marathon. I share what it means to step up when it's so easy to let fears hold you back...


Pushing Limits When Fear Tries to Kick In

I decided to document my trial hike/run of the Mid Mountain marathon course that I did over the weekend.

This is quickly becoming a journey of pushing my limits. Never before would I entertained the idea of doing a marathon, especially in the mountains, until I broke past the 20-mile distance hiking in Whistler two weeks back.

The irony is that for years in private practice, I looked up to the athletes I treated...the ultramarathoners...the triathletes. I wanted to be like them.

I loved hearing their stories of pushing their limits on resilience, pain, and tenacity with every race.

Now I find myself here, at the same place they are, purely by making a choice to pursue it...


Honoring a Mountaineer Legend

At 29,029 feet, Don Cash achieved his dream...

To summit the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest, and officially become a part of the "7 Summits Club."

Don had already been to six other continents to summit the highest mountain in every corner of the world, and Everest was the crown jewel that would make his accomplishment complete.

As I write of Don's achievement, I find myself both sad and inspired, for Mount Everest took his life after he achieved his dream. While descending down the Hillary Step, altitude sickness and lack of oxygen ended his life, despite the efforts of his Sherpa guides to revive him...


Randy Taran on Her Quest for Happiness and Helping Your Find More of It

Finding happiness, like wander, is simply a choice.

But so many people struggle to feel happy. It's why I wanted to interview my good friend, Randy Taran, CEO of Project Happiness, to get her insights on why unhappiness is on the rise and what do to about it.

Project Happiness all started around the dinner table, when Randy's teenage daughter look at her and said, "I want to be happy, but I don't"

It rocked Randy to her core. She asked herself, "Where were the resources, how many more were suffering, and why are we not talking about this?"

This was the beginning of her journey, and the catalyst for starting her pro-purpose, non-profit, Project Happiness. Though her inspiration was personal, Randy soon found out...


Indecision is the Opposite of Momentum

Staying where you are may feel comfortable, but it stops you from change.

I hear from people who wait for the right time or the right circumstances, rather than just step up and make it happen.

Or let the opinions of others hold them back from who they really are.

No new decision means you stay exactly where you are and who you are.

Think about it. There’s never a time in life when you’re ever truly “ready” to do anything.

But there’s always a time where you can reconnect with your truth...


4 Lessons Learned Hiking Over 14,000 Feet

Mountains are humbling.

I think part of why I’m so enamored by them is because they make me feel small. They challenge me to look at their summits that have been towering for thousands to millions of years and make me ask how much have they withstood through the test of time.

Yes, I think about that kind of stuff while hiking. 😉 Truth be told, hiking is my zen. I love the physical push it takes in the climb combined with the serenity of being surrounded by nature.

I’ve done a number of awesome hikes in the past years of my life, because I’ve made it a priority to have a home base in the mountains and travel to locations that offer awesome hiking opportunities.

I learn something new in every hike – about mountains, the trail, and myself – and this adventure is no different...


Annual Wanderlust Ritual

My favorite new year ritual is to plan out my adventures for the year in my Wanderlust calendar.

I haven't been a fan of New Year's resolutions for a long time. Frankly, I've found them to be completely boring or a source of frustration looking at the same goals we're told to chase...all to wake up in mid-January slumping back into the same day-to-day and forgetting about the lofty goals for the year.

Wanderlust isn't about status quo, my friends. It's about the free-spirit in all of us and tapping into it.

This is my 3rd year in a row doing my annual Wanderlust ritual, and it was all inspired by finding...


You have a truth that is hidden deep within you.

Underneath the decisions and your current path are dreams that you have been putting on hold.

I’ll help you build the uncover those dreams and take action on them

By uncovering who you really are.

Build an unstoppable mindset.

And create a path that gives you joy.

Now is the time to find your truth.


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Discover the 4 Questions

to Build Your Dream Life

Sick of the grind?

Feeling empty or lost?

Do you “have it all” on paper
but feel stuck?

In this inspiring (free) video
training, you’ll discover how to connect with your deeper
dreams and how to create your ideal life.



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