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I have a bit of a reputation...

My clients say I make them feel like a kid again.
Because I kick convention to the curb and tear down all of the nonsense stress, expense, and headache that we're told to expect in practice and teach you how to build a simple (and successful) practice in just a few months.
NOT the typical 3 years that you're told it's going to take.
I push you past your fear of failure and your doubt of wondering, "am I good enough to have a successful practice?"

Because you're too good for any doubt or fear to put your dreams on hold.

I get you unstuck from the high volume, high overhead hamster wheel, and I get you to wake back up to what you really want in practice.

I'm also "anti cookie cutter."

I won't put you in a box. I won't make you into a mini-me or plug you into some "my way or the highway" version of practice.
I will mentor you around what YOU want and teach you the freedom to apply my knowledge and expertise into YOUR vision for your practice and life.
I also won't sell you. I hate selling, and I'm guessing you hate being sold.
Which is why I offer free trainings and resources first, so you can get to know me and my style, before you decide to work with me.
So that if you want to move forward with me, you'll already know that we're a good fit.

Here's how I can help make your practice simple again...


Build a Practice Without Stress or Debt

Do you wish you could practice without the stress of long hours or spending thousands on expenses every month?

Guess what, now you can!

In my brand new FREE WEBINAR, I'm going to teach you how to build a successful practice WITHOUT the stress or expense.

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In this 90-min webinar, I'll teach you how to make practice simple.

Here's what we're going to cover on the webinar:

How to streamline your practice, your systems, and your cash flow.

How to stop spending thousands a month on your practice, so you can make money faster and stop working so many hours.

Why marketing less can get you more patients. Learn how to stop feeling like a used car salesman and actually make your marketing work for you.

How to build a practice based on what you want, NOT what practice management companies are telling you to do.

This is literally going to blow the lid on the complicated way of practice that's based on long hours, lots of debt, and high stress way of practice by showing you how to simplify everything.

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When I left the high volume, high overhead way of practice, I knew I wanted to build a successful, streamlined, and simple practice.

I was tired of the constant rush and jam-packed schedules...

I was tired of making ends meet even though I was working my tail off...

Have you ever felt like that in practice?

If you have, then I'd love to have you join me in my new webinar.

Build a House Call Practice

Tired of 12-hour days in practice? Looking for a way out of the high volume grind and four walls of an office?

You've come to the right place.

By starting a house call practice, you have the freedom to save thousands in overhead, so you can work less and build a thriving low (yes LOW) volume practice.

So you can work less, make more, and treat better.

Imagine working just a few hours a day. Focusing on providing quality care with patients you love to work with.

Imagine keeping the money you make, rather than putting it back into your practice.

That's what a house call practice can offer you.

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Personalized Coaching

Do you love the idea of having your own practice but are dealing with or afraid of the burden, debt, and stress?

If yes, then I'm really excited to tell you about an opportunity to work with me 1-1 as your coach and build a personalize path to a simple, streamlined and successful practice.

That's based on what you want.

This opportunity is limited to a select number of freedom seekers who want an unconventional coach that knows how to build your practice without the burnout or stress.


Have a practice that's stuck and you need a new direction...

Want to build your own practice and don’t want to go it alone...

Feel burned out and have fallen out of love with the way you practice...

Want a coach that focuses on building a practice around what you want, NOT a practice management company that tries to force you to fit into their system...

Want an accountability partner that will help you crush your fears and get out of the cycle of feeling stuck…

Then I invite you to apply for my Lifestyle Practice Coaching. This is a highly exclusive program where you will be working 1-on-1 with me to build your simple, streamlined, and successful practice.


Admission into my Lifestyle Practice Coaching is by application only.

Only continue if you're 110% serious about making an investment in yourself and working directly with me to mentor you on how build a practice and a life that you love.

If you're ready to move forward, click here to apply.


What My Clients Say

Ready for a Simple Practice?

Here's How I Can Help

What you should do next no matter what...

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