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July 12, 2020
Condition Your Mind Or It Will Control You
July 14, 2020

Why Mental Conditioning is a Must


From a coach’s perspective, I see my clients face more pressure in the pursuit of excellence than ever.

Your identity is wrapped around your sport. You are consumed by it. It’s all you think about because you have to sacrifice so much to get to where you are.

You have to take time away from family and friends. You have to give up some of the simple joys of life, like when everyone is out partying, you are disciplined, measuring your meals, weighing macros, and going to bed early for your 5am workouts.

The internal pressure you put on yourself to excel is already through the roof. When you couple that with the pressures from the outside world, like expectations from others, navigating your social media feeds, trying to not let haters grind you down, it’s a full on assault on your confidence if you don’t have mental conditioning in place.

In my upcoming book, Know or Be Told: How Identity Defines Success, I break down 3 principles that create a winning edge mindset:

  • Break the Barriers. Every athlete has mental barriers based on past failures, outdated beliefs, and self-imposed doubt. It’s not about ignoring the barriers or burying them, you need to confront them head on, so they don’t control your fate in the next competition.
  • Calm Over Chaos Chaos in the mind can happen during any of the 90,000 thoughts you have every single day.
  • One thought can send you down a bottomless spiral of questioning yourself, which typically happens in crux situations when you need focus the most. You need to condition your mind with calm and focus, so you can control your emotions during a competition.
  • Know or Be Told. Everyone has an opinion of who you should be, what you should do better, or why you’re not good enough. If you aren’t conditioning your mind, you are letting other people build your self-image.

But if you know with absolute certainty who you are, you can block out the hate and stand in your truth.

Mindset is the one thing any athlete can control in any moment.

There’s no way to control your competition, opinions of others, or expectations but on you, but you can control how you condition your mind and train it as hard as your body.

You either know who you are or you let someone tell you who you are. You choose.

You either know who you are or you let someone tell you who you are. You choose. Click To Tweet

With mental conditioning, you can very specifically control your beliefs, your emotions, and your outcomes because you are building your world class reality in your mind, so your physical training and performance can be in alignment with it.

And athletes need to work on their mindsets more than ever.

60% of competitive athletes overtrain to compensate for stress and fatigue.1

35% of elite athletes deal with mental health issues including stress and burnout.2

Athletes are 50% more likely to experience anxiety or depression.3

Mental conditioning gives you the resilience to face the stress of your sport and know how to channel it in a way that boosts your performance and keeps your identity intact.

The Big Takeaways...

  • Mental conditioning is necessary to maximize your physical conditioning and performance.
  • Athletes face more external pressures which can impact their confidence and lead to an increased risk of mental health issues.
  • The one thing you can always control is your mindset, no matter the circumstances or challenges you face.

And remember, mindset conditioning can be perfectly designed to rewire your brain for optimized beliefs, laser-focus, and world class confidence.

If you’re a high-performing athlete that wants to build your resilience, uplevel your performance, and get ongoing support, you need to join World Class Nation - my online mental conditioning membership platform designed for high-performing athletes to break mental barriers, build resilience, and enhance mental toughness.

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- Dr. Jen





About Dr. Jen

Dr. Jen Faber, DC is a performance and mental conditioning coach, working with elite athletes, olympic competitors, sports professionals, high-profile individuals and more. She helps clients train their mind as hard as their body to create world class results.

Dr. Jen is the author of Know or Be Told: How Identity Defines Success and founder of World Class Nation, an online mental conditioning membership designed to help high-performing athletes gain a competitive edge. She has been featured on CBS, CW, TalentCulture, iHeartRadio, and more. Throughout her career Dr. Jen has worked with NFL players, Triathletes, The Lady Gaga Tour, Broadway Performers, The Washington Ballet, The Kennedy Center, National Geographic.

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