The lifestyle practice is all about how to break away from burnout in practice, so you don't put your life on hold.

Let me share my journey in brief and how I came to create a Lifestyle Practice for myself...

Back in 2009, I was burned out, broke, and lost my love for my work. After only two years of doing something I thought I would do forever.

Like so many, I fell into a practice that I can best summarize as high volume, long hours, tons of stress, and a crappy paycheck.

And if that wasn’t enough, I had no life, because I was always in that practice.

It was at that breaking point that I realized something huge. We’re being told that you’ve gotta work your tail off in practice, so you can eventually make money and then finally have a life.

And I learned all of this…through first trying to fit my vision into what convention is telling us to do in our industry. Working long hours, low-balling my prices, trying to schedule anyone and everyone I could (only to deal with patient turnover)…and still left without a paycheck.

This vicious cycle led to major (I’m talking MAJOR) burnout, frustration, losing my passion to take care of others, and wanting to give it all up – I was ready to QUIT!

But that’s also when I woke up and reached a tipping point, and I realized that if I didn’t fit in the convention mold, then I had to do the complete opposite of what everyone was telling me I should do.

It’s no wonder that some many in our industry are burning out, because there’s actually a very predictable cycle of stress in practice, and it’s what convention is tell you to do!

Here's what I mean...



It goes something like this…

The typical practice revolves around the idea of WORK. The more WORK the better… starting up a practice is “hard,” takes forever, and can be a struggle – but that once the cash finally starts coming in, success, satisfaction and happiness will follow.

We’re told we have to set aside that free time we would spend with our loved ones, hobbies, doing things we enjoy on the backburner, to make our practices grow, so we can get to our own life down the road.

This puts your life LAST. Because here’s what happens, you spend a ton of money in start-up and overhead, so then you feel huge pressure to invest all of your time and effort to get your practice off of the ground.

There's no room for your life in this picture...

The practice-driven life is completely backwards and the perfect storm for burnout. You’ve actually gotta put your life and your happiness first to be successful.

Not chase after success hoping it’ll make you happy.

The same is true in practice.

It’s not about spending your life in your practice…hoping the rewards will come. It’s about building a practice around YOUR LIFE!

So let me tell you WHY this is important for you, because I want to open your eyes on what’s really possible if you leave all that convention behind…


Build a practice you love, without putting your life on hold...

Here’s the truth, at least from my experience, is that the way to build a practice is the exact opposite of what everyone is telling you do to.

By actually designing my lifestyle FIRST and fitting my practice into it, is what made it easy, yes actually easy, to build a practice that not only grew quickly (without long days or working weekends), but became really successful – fast.

You can actually have your ideal lifestyle be the engine behind creating the practice you want, not the end result.

You read that right. You’ll be happier in your practice because you are putting yourself first. And if you’re happier, you’ll be more successful. Happiness drives your success, not the other way around.

That is how you build a lifestyle practice. If you have the freedom to know what you’re creating and why you’re creating it, you’re already going to have and the ability to build off of, the very lifestyle you want.

So when you’re building a lifestyle practice, you’re building FREEDOM to enjoy your practice and have a life outside of it.

The same is true in practice.

It’s not about spending your life in your practice…hoping the rewards will come. It’s about building a practice around YOUR LIFE!

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