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July 27, 2020
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Mindset Advice to a Rock Climber Who Almost Died in a Fall


The scariest moments in life can build a memory of fear or a story of strength.

On the Go Wellness podcast with Regan Archibald of East West Health, one of the listeners has been dealing with chronic pain and injuries for years after falling 70 feet while rock climbing.

She asked me how can she move past the trauma she experienced to help her heal.

The answer for her was all in how she perceived the event, what stories and emotions she was holding onto, and what she needed to change.

Watch this video where I coach this rock climber to a breakthrough.


The fact that Laura shouldn't have even survived that fall paralyzed her mind. It created a block of never wanting to push her body again, so she used chronic pain to protect herself.

What she needed was a different way to look at that event. That fall changed her, but what she needed to realize is that she has to turn on the power to use it to create the change she wanted.

This climber needed to recognize how strong she is because she did survive it. She is alive and she it here.

And the fact that she had that accident and yet her body was able to withstand that level of injury that most people wouldn't survive, that is where she can tap into her strength to heal.

What she perceived as a moment of terror created a catalyst of injury, pain, weakness and stability, which has also built a story and struggle, a very very real struggle in her mind.

But by going back to that very moment and focusing on the strength she had to survive is the foundation she needs to heal. The scariest moments in life can build a memory of fear or a story of strength. Click To Tweet


It's a reflex to let fear be our guide. Fear is designed to protect us, but if we hold onto it, it will hold onto us.

What moments in life are you holding on to keep you stuck in fear?

What if you looked at it differently and asked yourself, "how did that moment give me more strength?"

The questions you ask determine the answers you find. Ask wisely.

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Dr. Jen

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