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How to Boost Your Visualization to Perform Better


Visualization is key part to building a world class mindset.

To boost your results, there are actually two things you need to do.

This really applies to the athlete’s mindset, and how to use visualization to build a competitive edge.

Watch this interview segment I did with Regan Archibald of East West Health, where I break down what mental conditioning you need to grow and push your limits.


I always love watching skiers at the start gate just a few minutes before it's their time to go down a race.

Picture like a Mikaela Shiffrin and what do you see her do?

You see her closing her eyes.

You see her swaying side to side. You see her picturing every single turnand whenever I see that every single time I have you have goosebumps talking about it because I know she is so powerful because you recognize she is so visually connected to what lies ahead that she's training her muscles to literally do those tasks so they're already warmed up and primed to do the very thing so it becomes automatic.

When I'm working on mental conditioning with my clients, I make an important distinction.

Visualization to builds muscle memory, but you need to build emotional memory to make your goals a faster reality. Visualization to builds muscle memory, but you need to build emotional memory to make your goals a faster reality. Click To Tweet


When you're doing classic visualization, like what a Mikaela Shiffrin is doing, it's so effective because it is waking up the visual cortex.

It's stimulating the motor neurons. It's stimulating those tracks in our spinal cord to get the muscles primed.

But what I find is that visualization only does a part of it.

Classic visualization missed the emotional component of what does it FEEL like when she crosses that finish line?

What does it feel like for that athlete when they cross that finish line?

What does it feel like for a patient when they cross their finish line, and their healing process has reached a huge milestone?

So when you can actually take the idea of visualizing, and you can pair it with the feeling of the outcome ,the feeling of that accomplishment, now what you're doing is you're triggering deeper emotional parts of your brain.

You're triggering the parts of your brain that stimulate memories, that stimulate emotions, that are more midbrain, primal.

So the way you can make visualization that much more powerful is by pairing it with the emotion.

So you're not just proverbially going through the motions, but you're going through the EMOTIONS as well.

And when you do that, you can use your neurology to your advantage, because not only are you teaching your motor part of your brain what to do, you're teaching your emotional part of your brain what to feel, so that very gratitude makes your reality feel as if it's actually happening NOW.

It's very very powerful when you can add emotions and gratitude as added layers to visualization, because you're really using your brain to your advantage.

The emotions are such a powerful part of our body and give us a way to tap into the subconscious mind.

We need the emotions to actually tap in and allow our conscious mind to communicate with our subconscious mind.

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Dr. Jen

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