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Go from burnout in practice to having success AND a life at the same time.

In this training, you'll learn...

  • 3 simple hacks you can use right now, so you can create more balance between your practice and your life.
  • My #1 secret to creating more free time in life, regardless of how many hours you work in practice.
  • The mindset trick that will make you go from feeling exhausted in your work to being excited about practice again!

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Hey! I'm Dr. Jen...

I left convention years ago to escape the burnout and stress of a high volume practice.

I was done feeling trapped by the typical high volume and high stress path...

So I broke free and figured out how to grow a six-figure practice with that gave me more time, less stress, and the freedom I craved.


I want to make your practice a lot more successful. 

Your contribution to the people you serve a lot more significant. 

And your life a lot more fun.

It’s possible and if you already have a practice or you want to launch your own practice, and you want to do it in a much simpler, easier, and fulfilling way…

…or maybe you want to have more freedom in your practice…without feeling pressured by high volume, high overhead, or high stress...

so you can have a practice AND a life at the same time...

I'd love to show you what's possible.

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Can’t wait to share this with you.

I’m thrilled we’re connected and I’m excited for the journey ahead.

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