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August 17, 2020
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August 24, 2020

Emotionally Struggling with Injury? Do This One Thing.


Emotions are the gateway to our reality.

In my recent interview with Regan Archibald of Go Wellness, he asked for my advice for people who have had setbacks due to injury and pain, and are struggling to believe in a better future for themselves.

Watch this interview segment where I share how doing this ONE thing will help you overcome emotional struggles.


The emotions are a powerful part of our existence because they are energy, an energy that drives our thoughts and our reality.

When you're stuck in negative emotions triggered by pain and injury, it's hard to snap out of the funk you're in because your emotional energy is keeping you trapped.

So much that the idea of recovering, regaining strength, becoming a better competitor can seem like a far-fetched dream.

That's why a lot of traditional coaching practices won't work, because most coaches try to get athletes to instantly believe they can bounce back.

But the subconscious mind, where we store all of our deep-rooted beliefs, will resist that. It's too much change, too big of a gap. Instantly when you try to just see the positive side, you think about how far the gap is from where you are now to where you want to go.

So you keep spiraling in fear and doubt.

First, you have to acknowledge your emotions. If you're in pain, frustrated, wondering if you'll ever recover, you have to give those emotions room to breathe, rather than try to stuff them down there surface.

Acknowledging your feelings will make your mind more open to change because they've gotten the attention they need.

Emotions in the end are just a way to seek attention and a way to feel about yourself.

You have to focus on what I call the "Micro Wins."

Micro wins are about finding what you can control in this moment. When you focus on what you can control, you can create the building blocks for small change every day. When you're struggling with pain, focus on what you can control. With control, comes change. Click To Tweet


I see this struggle in athletes all the time, especially if they're dealing with an injury or a pain that is holding them back from competing at the level they know they can.

The perceived struggle feeds the pain, so we need to break the pattern by finding those micro-wins every single day.

Because when someone is feeling chronic pain, chronic health issues, or plateauing in their training, it does feel like life is out to get them.

It feels like life is out of control. I have to acknowledge that as a coach because if I don't, it doesn't validate them.

You have to validate your emotions. You have to validate how you feel. But if you linger in them, that's what feeds the story.

Rather than use their limitations to keep getting frustrated, actually look at those "limitations" as a foundation, something you can build off of.

When you can first find some control, then you can start to create change because you're finding certainty in what you are able to do.

Micro-wins give you the room to change your emotions. You start to feel hope, possibility, and encouraged.

Then things start to feel easier. You experience more wins, because you are training your mind to look at them.

A health journey for most people, myself included, athletes included, is a process that is over the course of our lifetimes, yet we're taught to expect instant gratification.

But I'm not going to tell you to trust the process.

You can create the process by creating control.

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Dr. Jen

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