The 90 Day Life

Putting Your Bucketlist on Hold?

This book is the culmination of lessons learned when I sold everything I owned to live out of a suitcase. For years, I felt trapped. By past decisions, guilt, fear, and feeling my light get dimmer with each passing birthday.

My wake up led to a 3-month journey that gave me the gift of impermanence, so I use the time in front of me, rather than put my dreams on hold.

Though this journey, I learned that by stripping away the life you know, you get to discover you really are.

Most people wait for some golden time in the hazy future to truly live, all to watch the weeks and years tick by stuck in the hamster of life.

What I discovered is that there are 9 steps to build a life of adventure and freedom.

In this book, I will show you how to apply these steps into your own 90 Day Life Challenge, so you stop waiting and start living.

Live now and never take time for granted.


Elevate Your Life Method

Are you chasing success but have no life?

This book is the GPS to navigate away from hustle and connect with your truth.

You're going to discover:

Four Elements to Elevate Your Life and stop the endless chase for success.

3 MAJOR mindset shifts to elevate your clarity and evolve your purpose.

The one exercise that will transform your FEAR into fuel.

This is designed as a short transformation guide for the people who have success, but no life.

Get the method to elevate your purpose, mind, body, and soul...


Live Your Bucketlist

The Clock is Ticking, Get Busy Living.

We've been taught to live on a path that keeps our dreams on hold.

Too often people put off what they really want to do in life until it's the "right time."

But what if that right time never comes?

What if all of those things you want to pursue never see the light of day because you waiting too long?

Those questions are the fuel behind this book, which is a motivational life guide to act on what you keep putting off.

I'll be writing this book as I pursue my own bucketlist while doing a one-way ticket around the world, so I can share the lessons and self-discoveries along the way.

You'll learn the principles of mastering time, living in the now, and creating your dream life.

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