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September 4, 2020
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Are You Living or Just Existing?


What makes you so hungry for adventure?

That's what Regan Archibald of Go Wellness and East West Health asked me.

Specifically he wanted to know what makes me driven to be an athlete and how other people can tap into side of themselves.

Watch this video to learn how to walk up that hunger in you.


As we look at the course of our lives and how we want to live it, you have to ask yourself...

Do you truly want to live or do you just want to exist?

I remember growing up how much my Dad would talk about how he never wanted to watch life go by, because he's seen too many of his peers do that.

That always stuck with me. It was one of those gifts you get from a parent that you don't recognize until years later.

When I plan out my next adventure, deep down is that little girl who was told to never let life "just go by."

It planted a seed for the explore in me, who's now evolved into someone who loves staring at a map of the world, pouring over trail books, and figuring out my next destination.

We witness how people live their lives all the time.

Whether you're consciously thinking about it or not, you learn from what you see others do.

This gets more obviously as we age, because our life's journey is a result of our choices, which are rooted in beliefs. Beliefs that were likely given to us by someone else.

I told Regan, "There's always a truth of our biological age, where we are in our lifetime, what we have or haven't done, but there's also the choice of looking at that very truth and figuring out which of the two perspectives do we want to use. Do we want to use the perspective of complacency and playing it safe and letting our dreams go away?

Which I think a lot of times it's easy to do when we get into the rhythm of life. the routine of life.

We get busy time goes faster, each year feels shorter and we can easily choose to slowly watch life go by.

Option 2 is to actually create your life.

From a young age, I always admired athletes. I loved their big dreams and their fearlessness. It's part of why I spent years practicing as a chiropractor taking care of them. I fed off of their drive.

They taught me that I didn't want to just watch other people live their dreams. I wanted to live mine out.

The challenge most people face is that we're taught a very conventional way to live.

We taught to have conventional milestones…when you graduate from high school, you do this, then this, then this, and it's as domino effect of milestones laid out for you.

Honestly I've just felt like I've never fit in that mold. Don’t put me in a box.

We all have an opportunity to do just that.

If you feel stuck, it's time to break out of the box you've built. If you feel stuck, it's time to break out of the box you've built. Click To Tweet


You always have an opportunity to break out of that box.

For me, it was about turning on a switch of recognizing how I want to choose to live no matter what society or people tell me, but what actually lights me up and to listen to that.

That's taken time and it's going to be a lifelong practice, but it's a practice. I would choose all day long rather than playing at safe.

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Dr. Jen

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